50 shades of blue, Roger Hiorns ‘Siezure’ on show at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park


“More like nightmares!” quipped the gallery assistant.

Standing awkwardly in a claustrophobic, all encompassing, glinting blue room; I’d asked the assistant if she dreamt in blue.  We are standing in the middle of Roger Hiorns’ artwork ‘Seizure’, now in situ at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where it will stay for 10 years.

The piece was created in 2008 by flooding a bedsit in Southwark, London with copper sulphate solution, sealing it up for a month to then open it up and discover the results.  And what results.  Walls and ceiling are covered in Yves Klein blue coloured crystals;  a glassy, glowing, other worldliness of sparkling blue translucence.  The floor flattened by the tread of boots.  Doorways have shrunk because of the encroaching crystals and I doubt anyone would dare enter the bathroom again as jagged crystals would scrape you as you try to squeeze through the entrance.

‘Seizure’ was displayed in situ for a couple of years until January 2010.  It proved extraordinarily popular with long queues of people winding through the housing estate to view the glinting subterranean blueness.

The social housing block was due for demolition in 2011 but it was then gifted to the Arts Council and removed from its site.

It  now sits inside a specially commissioned structure designed by Adam Khan for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and opened to the public in 2013 with a new name, ‘Seizure, 2008/2013’.  Khan’s concrete minimalism enhances the contrast with the jagged blue interior that is ‘Seizure’ whilst revisiting the concrete of a council estate.

You have the the best part of 10 years to experience this entrancing piece.  Make sure you do.

Seizure, 2008/2013 by Roger Hiorns

open at weekends, Bank Holidays and during school holidays

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

West Bretton




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