Snapshots of Silson Contemporary Art, part one

Eddie Roberts is the sign.  His steel sculptures studding the garden confirm my arrival at the new gallery in town, Silson Contemporary Art, Harrogate.  I know a cornucopia of delights is a bit of a cliché, but here it really comes true in the Spring into Summer exhibition running until 28 July 2017.



The cornucopia!

‘I choose artists I like, and with a Yorkshire connection,’ gallerist Sarah states.  Forty artists’ work are on display, so lets narrow it down with a few snapshots of delight.



Walking into the gallery, is the ‘blue table’.  Acrylics by Anne Robinson: ‘Summer Haze 1’ and ‘Summer Haze  11’ provide the backdrop centred by a Peter Clough bowl and Pietro Sanna ceramics on the clear table, glassware by Julia Rushworth on the right and Lesley Doe’s ceramics in the foreground.

The blue table!



Striking in their colour are Joanne Tinker’s chocolate foil wrapper pieces.  Not inspired by a love of chocolate but interest it the colour, texture and strength of the wrappers.  Fun to while away some time identifying favourite, or  least favourite, chocolates.

'Goblets' by Joanne Tinker, detail, chocolate foil wrappers
Joanne Tinker, detail from ‘Goblets’,
chocolate foil wrappers

Find your brand.

Lesley Doe, ceramics and Joanne Tinker 'Moon Stars'
Lesley Doe, ceramics and Joanne Tinker ‘Moon Stars’


A mini theme of transforming the mundane into something special continues with Lesley Does’ ceramics.  Plastic bottles cast in delicate shades of porcelain add cool pastel accents in the gallery.  Peeping behind these are Terry Lister’s bronze sculptures packed full of sensitive presence.

Lesley Doe ceramics with Terry Lister's bronze figures
Lesley Doe ceramics with Terry Lister’s bronze figures


Suman Kaur, winner of the 2017 BBC Big Painting Challenge, showing her fabulous illustrative skills.

Suman Kaur, braille nude
Suman Kaur, braille nude
Suman Kaur, 1920s
Suman Kaur, 1920s
Suman Kaur, back study
Suman Kaur, back study






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